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The World’s Most Expensive Burger Was Eaten By 2 Chainz

The World’s Most Expensive Burger Was Eaten By 2 Chainz
GQ Publication has a section titled “Most Expensive S*it*, and the newest video they published stares 2 Chainz who just ate the world’s most expensive burger, according to the Guinness Book.
The product is called “Le Burger Extravagant” because it costs “more than your iPhone”, as 2 Chainz said himself. Well, the price of the burger reaches 295 dollars, which is definitely not affordable for the ordinary people.
But what turns a simple sandwich into a luxury product?
Firstly, “Le Burger Extravagant” contains Japanese beef, Wagyu (seasoned with 10 secret herbs and truffle butter) and ketchup of the best quality. It also contains cheese matured in a cave for 18 months, caviar, black truffle slices of Italian provenience and quail eggs. All these are well placed between two buns sprinkled with edible 24-carat gold and held together by a toothpick enhanced with gold and diamonds.
“What? Can you eat gold?” said 2 Chainz, visibly surprised. Chef’s answer was positive.
We don’t know whether this burger will be a woman’s best friend or not, but it will most certainly manage to draw the attention of rich people.
Those who want to eat such burger must order it with at least 48 hours in advance, as it takes time until all ingredients are brought from their home countries.
“Eating this burger was more than fun, it was more than just food, it was an experience for me,” said the rapper. He also added that “If you would have tasted this burger you would feel just like I do now, brilliant and totally inspired. This is definitely one of the best burgers I have ever tasted.”
Price of ingredients
As mentioned above, this burger is made from a series of ingredients gathered from various countries around the world, including Japan, France and Italy. But how much do these ingredients truly cost? We did the price estimation for you:
– Organic quail eggs (10-piece carton): $6
– Japanese beef (12 oz.): $99
– Premium Wagyu beef (average-sized steak): $509
– Ketchup (high quality): $6
– Caviar (4-5 oz.): $660
– Black truffles (0.5 pounds): $250
– Cave-aged cheese: $18
Therefore, if these ingredients would be ordered in bulk the total bill would be of about $1550. However, considering that one burger uses considerably diminished quantities of these ingredients, the price for one piece created at home would be of about $200. It’s still a better option to order it from Serendipity 3 as they gather all the ingredients for you and assemble the burger based on their thorough experience. They also add two buns with edible gold and a diamond-sprinkled toothpick for the price. So $295 is truly not bad at all, however, you might not want to eat this burger on a daily basis even if you are reach.
An average burger ordered from McDonalds or KFC costs between $3 and $7, but it certainly does not contain the premium ingredients and the bling-bling featured in “Le Burger Extravagant”. 2 Chainz also mentioned that the price paid for the burger will go to charity, hence why he does not feel guilty of eating it. He also claimed that the burger truly tasted extraordinarily even if he was a little reluctant of eating the gold leaves at first. Now the question is: will someone try to create a higher quality product as to steal the title for “the world’s most expensive burger”?

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