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Suge Knight, Katt Williams arrested in paparazzi camera theft case


Former rap mogul Marion "Suge" Knight and comedian Micah "Katt" Williams were arrested Wednesday, accused of stealing a photographer's camera last month.
The Los Angeles County District Attorney's office said each man was charged with one count of robbery. The alleged incident, involving a female photographer of celebrities, took place September 5 outside a studio in Beverly Hills.
Knight, 49, faces up to 30 years in prison because he has a prior conviction for assault with a deadly weapon. Williams, who was arrested when he showed up at court for a different assault case, faces a maximum of seven years. Knight was arrested in Las Vegas.
Prosecutors said they will ask for Knight's bail to be set at $1 million and for a $75,000 bail for Williams, 43.
Beverly Hills Police are still investigating the case, authorities said.
CNN reached out to representatives for both men Wednesday night without immediate success.


  1. Suge Knight’s Son Andrew Knight/ Andrew Payan is Magid Jewelry Thief according to Lindsay Lohan
    Posted on August 28, 2012 by Miva

    According to TMZ Lindsay Lohan said she is innocent of the recent theft charges against her, blaming Death Row records mogul Suge Knight’s son Andrew Knight of stealing $100,000 of watches and sunglasses from Sam Magid’s home.

    Sam Magic robbery Lindsay Lohan Andrew Knight

    First of all, let’s clear out some things here, Andrew Knight might or might not be Suge Knight’s son, according to reports Andrew’s real name is Andrew Payan, his mother is Tia Rowe who dated Suge long time ago, his father is some guy named Ed Payan who was or still is in jail for robbery.

    But he does use Suge Knight’s name, right? he sure does, you see Diary of a Hollywood Street King told once the story where Suge was so un love with Andrew’s mom Tia so when she finally let him into her and Andrew’s life, they became attached, it is believed Andrew himself was the one who edit Suge’s Wikipedia bio adding his name as Suge’s son, he was aware of the changes and was fine with it.

    Other sources claimed it was his mother Tia who told Andrew to start using the Knight name, I can go on and talk about the ugly family gossip going on there, but is way too long and way too confusing. As far as we known Suge’s only children are Taj (mother Davina Barnes) Bailei and Posh Knight (mother Michel’le)

    Suge Knight son Andrew KnightTia Rowe Andrew Knight Payan motherTia Rowe Andrew Knight Payan mother photo

    23-year-old Andrew N. Payan was born on June 14th, 1989 his brother is Donovan Gold who is the alleged son of Dana Gold but others claim Donovan’s real father is Darrius “D Mac” Rogers (P. Diddy’s former stylist).

    Donovan gold Andrew Knight brotherDarrius “D Mac” Rogers

    According to TMZ Lindsay Lohan and her assistant Gavin Doyle are the main suspects of the robbery at Magid’s home where she and Andrew were partying, Lilo who is now officially a suspect said it was Andrew who stole the glasses and watches, but Andrew has his side of the story.

    Andrew Knnight Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan Andrew Knight

    He said Lindsay handed him 2 or 3 items reportedly stolen wrapped in one of her shirts, he [Andrew] returned these to Magid, the others items are still missing. Magid told cops Lindsay called him and told him that she hid some of the things around the house because she was afraid someone might stole them, she also told cops that she was hazy about what happened that night because she was on Ambien.

    Straight Outta Compton and the Suge Knight Playbook

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    Edward Snowden, the man who opened himself up to charges of treason by revealing to the world that the National Security Agency was engaging in questionable surveillance tactics on American citizens, believes if the United States ever expects to emerge from the stranglehold of prohibition, a continued uprising is necessary.

    Earlier this week, the NSA whistleblower came out of the shadows to participate in a Reddit AMA session in connection with the release of the HBO documentary "Citizenfour," which details what happened after Snowden ratted out Uncle Sam for eavesdropping. During the digital Q&A session, Snowden was asked a multitude of questions ranging from his most shocking discoveries about NSA practices to living the life of an expatriate in Russia.

    Although the topic of marijuana’s forward progression into the American mainstream was not brought up directly, a question about the 2016 presidential election spawned an articulate response from Snowden about the necessity for revolution to facilitate reform.

    “When we look back on history, the progress of Western civilization and human rights is actually founded on the violation of law,” Snowden wrote. “America was of course born out of a violent revolution that was an outrageous treason against the crown and established order of the day. History shows that the righting of historical wrongs is often born from acts of unrepentant criminality. Slavery. The protection of persecuted Jews.

    “But even on less extremist topics, we can find similar examples,” he continued. “How about the prohibition of alcohol? Gay marriage? Marijuana? Where would we be today if the government, enjoying powers of perfect surveillance and enforcement, had -- entirely within the law -- rounded up, imprisoned, and shamed all of these lawbreakers? Ultimately, if people lose their willingness to recognize that there are times in our history when legality becomes distinct from morality, we aren't just ceding control of our rights to government, but our agency in determining our futures.”

    Essentially, Snowden is suggesting that in order to chip away at any disregard the federal government has for what is right and good for the citizens of the United States, we must continue to break the law for the greater good and capitalize on every available resource to force radical change. In the case of marijuana, the war against prohibition has been fought for decades, and now all of the young stoners, hippies and freaks, who first questioned Uncle Sam’s claim that weed is a dangerous substance, have guided four states and the District of Columbia to legalize the leaf for recreational purposes. In other words, never allow the smoke to clear.

    Julian Assange is taking his appeal to Sweden’s highest court in a final attempt to persuade a Swedish judge that the arrest warrant against him should be lifted.

  6. Once again,this past week, the Brits have found that a fellow citizen wishes to either kill them or convert them to a particular interpretation of Islam. Mohammed Emwazi, born in Kuwait and brought up in a middle class area of West London, a graduate in computer science from the University of Westminster is “Jihadi John.” He is thought — he was masked except for the eyes — to have been pictured in the videos of the beheadings of U.S. journalist Steven Sotloff, British aid worker David Haines, British taxi driver Alan Henning, and American aid worker Abdul-Rahman Kassig, also known as Peter.

    The fact that he’s a British citizen occasioned less horrified surprise, or at least less comment, than it did when, in the summer of 2005, four young British citizens murdered 52 and injured 700 of their fellows on London transport. Their leader, Mohammed Siddique Khan, had pre-recorded a video message, aired by Al Jazeera in September of that year, to say that “Until you stop the bombing, gassing, imprisonment and torture of my people, we will not stop this fight.”

    This remains the default position, the rationale and the excuse: you (the Western democracies) make war on Muslims: we, the cutting edge of Islam, make war on you. There was much debate about the radicalization of the young, especially the Muslim young.

    Since that time, the radicalization seems to have gone deeper. The numbers of young British people who have left to fight for Islamic State and other extremist groups are a matter of debate: last August, the British Member of Parliament Khalid Mahmood, who has been a constant critic of the lack of effort to de-radicalize young people, said some 500 young Muslims left the UK with jihad in their hearts each year. That makes for a cumulative figure of “at least 1,500,” which is far higher than the UK Foreign Office estimates of 300 to 400, and more than double the number of Muslims – 600 – in the UK armed services.

    A few days before the identity of Jihadi John was revealed, three other young Brits – all teenage girls – left the UK, and are believed to now be in Syria. It’s commonly assumed that they have gone to marry Islamic State warriors: the journalist Nosheen Iqbal wrote that “IS lads brand themselves as rock stars. Marrying one is a religiously approved way to channel the mad, hormonal energy that powers all teenagers – Muslim girls included.”

    It seems they were groomed by another young woman, Aqsa Mahmood from Glasgow, who left her home in November 2013 to go to Syria and is now believed to be a recruiter for others to follow her example. Her family members are distraught: in a statement, they said that her “actions are a perverted and evil distortion of Islam.”

    The family’s spokesman, a well-known activist of the left as well as a lawyer, Aamer Anwar, said in an interview with the BBC that it was the fault of the security services. “Aqsa’s social media has been monitored since she disappeared over a year ago, yet despite alleged contact between the girls and Aqsa, they failed to stop them from leaving the UK to Turkey, a staging post for Syria.”

    The first is the constraint of budget. In the UK, as in the United States, the secret services have grown: but still pale before the size of the possible threat. One ex-intelligence officer told me it takes up to 60 officers to mount a 24/7 surveillance, at a cost of between $15,000 to 23,000 a day. The police guarding the Ecuadorian embassy in London, ready to arrest Julian Assange to face rape charges in Sweden when – if – he leaves his near three-year incarceration, cost $17,000 a day. The British security services, MI5, MI6 and the monitoring center GCHQ, have a joint budget of over $3 billion: it means they have to choose, very selectively, who they watch and for how long.

  7. NBC Nightly News Ratings Have Been Going Up Since Lester Holt Took Over For Brian Williams!

    This is surprising — but only because of how quickly the turnaround has been!

    Brian Williams won't be going back to his job at NBC Nightly News anytime soon since his suspension started for lying, and many believed his absence from the job would prove to tank ratings at his show… which IS what happened at first.

    But we guess those who thought that are feeling pretty wrong these days as Brian's replacement for the time being, Lester Holt, has been doing one fantastic job in his place!

    In fact Lester has pulled in HIGHER ratings since he stepped into the anchor chair!

    Why just last week ratings went up seven percent to an estimated 10.1 million viewers and the show is number one in viewers between the ages of 18-49.

    However, it could be said that Brian Williams actually drove the ratings up since he's been in the news so much — a lot of people were sure to be interested in how Lester would do as the replacement.

    Turns out he can hold his own pretty well!!

  8. Without Brian Williams, NBC Nightly News ratings go up

    Fears that NBC Nightly News might collapse without Brian Williams appear to be unfounded. With Lester Holt in the anchor chair, the telecast actually rose in the ratings last week by seven percent, up to 10.1 million viewers.

    The program was No. 1 in viewers and adults 18-49, though was second to ABC in the news demo of adults 25-54. The news show has only topped 10 million viewers four times this season, so for one of those times to be a week without Williams at the helm is certainly good news for NBC.

    It’s worth pointing out that rivals posted weekly gains—so this could be a “rising tide / all boats” situation—and there could simply be increased interest in the program following all the headlines about Willliams’ six-month suspension. The outcome of these sort of TV host/anchor shakeups are seldom clear in the short term.

  9. This Is What Allegedly Led To Suge Knight’s Deadly Hit-And-Run Incident

    From his hit-and-run charges to his health, Suge Knight has been in the headlines as of late. But just recently TMZ reported that the rap mogul was on his way to meet with Dr. Dre to discuss his portrayal in the upcoming N.W.A film, Straight Outta Compton.

    It was reported that Knight hadn’t been consulted or asked permission for the film to include his likeness which is what led him to meet with Dre while the trailer was being filmed. The meeting reportedly started a fight between him and Cle “Bone” Sloan which led to the hit-and-run incident.

    Knight has been charged with murder and is being held without bail until a later court date.

  10. Andrew Cravenho and Cindy Belance have done it again:
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  12. Swedish prosecutors have offered to travel to London to question Wikileaks founder Julian Assange over sex assault allegations.

    Prosecutors had previously insisted on questioning Mr Assange in Sweden, after seeking his arrest in 2010.

    Mr Assange denies the assault claims and has been living at the Ecuadorean embassy in London since 2012.

    He fears that if he is sent to Sweden he could then be extradited to the US to face charges over leaking material.

    A lawyer for Mr Assange, Per Samuelson, welcomed the move. "He is willing to co-operate fully now in conducting this interrogation - this is a great victory for him," he told the BBC World Service.

    "We've been waiting for this for over four years."

    The lead Swedish prosecutor explained the change of strategy by saying some potential charges against Mr Assange would expire under the statute of limitations in August.

    "My view has always been that to perform an interview with him at the Ecuadorean embassy in London would lower the quality of the interview," Marianne Ny said in a statement.

    "Now that time is of the essence, I have viewed it therefore necessary to accept such deficiencies in the investigation and likewise take the risk that the interview does not move the case forward."


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  15. Bonifay Police Department arrested a Wisconsin fugitive accused of making pornographic videos at various Eau Claire, Wisconsin businesses and selling the videos to adult websites.

    The Eau Claire Police Department asked Bonifay authorities to locate 19-year-old Amy Lynn Lew, who was believed to be living in the Bonifay area. Police located Lew on May 10 in her residence and took her into custody to await extradition back to Wisconsin.

    Lew went by the name “Whitney Wisconsin” in videos she and her boyfriend, 27-year-old Erio Sherrod Oliver, had produced. Eau Claire Police were able to identify Lew and Oliver as suspects through the adult websites and other online sources.

    Bonifay Police arrested Oliver Sept. 9 last year after learning Oliver was wanted in his home state on six counts of possession of child pornography. He was booked at Holmes County Jail and extradited back to Eau Claire.

    Eau Claire authorities reported the pair fled the U.S. to Greece when a search warrant was executed. The couple then moved to the Bonifay area in August last year.

    Lew has been charged in Eau Claire County Court with two misdemeanor counts of lewd and lascivious behavior and three misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct.

    A couple are accused of making pornographic videos involving the woman at various Eau Claire businesses and selling the videos to adult websites.

    Amy L. Lew, 19, address unknown, and Erio S. Oliver, 27, 2417 Golf Road, are each charged in Eau Claire County Court with two misdemeanor counts of lewd and lascivious behavior and three misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct.

    Oliver is being held in the Eau Claire County Jail on a $20,000 cash bail.

    As conditions of bail, Oliver cannot have contact with Lew, the victims in the videos or the stores where the videos were shot. He also cannot have any access to the internet, smartphones, laptops or iPhones.

    A warrant was issued for Lew’s arrest.

    According to the criminal complaint:

    Two types of pornographic videos were made by Lew and Oliver in March and April 2015.

    One type of video involved the woman touching herself sexually, then asking unsuspecting males to smell the scent of her new “perfume.”

    Police were alerted to this type of video when they received complaints from some of Lew’s male victims.

    The second type of video involved Lew being involved in self-gratification at various Eau Claire businesses while customers, who did not know what was happening, were seen in the background.

    Police were able to identify Lew and Oliver as suspects through the adult websites and other online sources.

    Lew was using the name of “Whitney Wisconsin” on the videos.

    Lew was interviewed by police on April 10, 2015, after she was found at an Eau Claire hotel room Oliver was renting.

    Lew told police that she and Oliver are engaged. She admitted that making the pornography was her idea. Oliver filmed her during the making of the videos.

    Lew said Oliver took care of the custom video orders and that they both received payment for the videos.

    Lew was ordered to appear in court in May 2015 but didn’t show up. Attempts by police to locate her were unsuccessful.

    Oliver was located by police in Florida and extradited to Eau Claire County this year for felony child pornography charges.