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Kanye West Yells At Sway Calloway Over A Question

sway-and-kanye For a moment there, Kanye West was unhinged. Yeezy hit up Sway In The Morning on Shade 45 and barked on host Sway Calloway when he dared to ask the rapper/producer why he didn't just flip his own clothing line. 
Reports Complex:
Just a day after appearing in a medium-testy interview on the Breakfast Club—although 'Ye and Charlemagne were much more cordial than some probably predicted—Kanye West appeared on Sway's show today on Shade 45. Sway has a reputation of being one of the business's best interviewers. From Bay Area street rappers of the Sway and King Tech era to Lupe's heartfelt, tear-filled interview last summer, Sway is typically able to finesse interview situations with particular ease.
Not so with Kanye today, when Sway asks why the rapper couldn't "empower himself" with regards to his fashion line.
"You ain't got the answers!" Kanye shouts back. "You ain't spent 13 million dollars of your own money trying to empower yourself!"
Like a try professional, Sway did his best to defuse the situation without having to resort to yelling. Yeezy's definitely lost his composure, though.
Listen to the tense moment below, full interview on the flip.

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